"Pretty cool?! Do you know what it feels like to be stabbed?! To be shot?! Decapitated?! Torn apart?! Burned?! Run over?!

It’s not pretty cool, Kyle! It fuckin’ hurts! And it won’t go away, and nobody will believe me!”

Had to shoot the full piece at an angle so that I can still put this in my portfolio without any issues, but have a detail on the death halo to make amends for that

Can I add “can draw tiny asshole children” to my resume

magical girl vivi needs to happen more often

Theres always those few characters out of all of OPs cool designs where it just clicks. From the first minute you see them it’s just like Hell yeah i love you.

Ms. Pastel Goth meets Pirates of the Caribbean is one of those characters for me

Why do I draw decent things on resteraunt tables

I WAS GONNA UPDATE THE SANJIS BIRTHDAY EVENT but then I left all my digital AND traditional supplies in Tampa so here’s a sad Baby and Sanji on a resteraunt table

Trying to get back into practice but all you can draw is profiles :/