When I close my eyes, I can’t tell the difference. I can tell myself that it’s just rain.

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My father’s decisions shaped my own, he’d never expect his own daughter to turn against him.

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How can I live in someone else’s shadow when the sunlight gives me strength?

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feel like my poses have been lackluster so time for practice

same color means its the same pose but at a different angle

open in new tab for better view

i didnt even color the clothes and theres not much to tell you who this is supposed to be but take my thick thighed big butt Baby in a swimsuit that she cant even use for the intended purposes

I havent drawn chibis in a while

have a teeny transparent ‘rona

I give upppp….

Baby was one of those “wait THATS your color scheme?” moments for me

i miss how i used to draw her short and chubby it was cute


Dellinger’s real cute idk dude

it’s transparent